TSM-donated computers received by public school in Rizal

The Principal of the Rosario Ocampo Elementary School, Mrs. Madonna Garcia, expressed sincere thankfulness to TSM Phils. and PNBC when she received the 2 sets of used HP computers in behalf of the almost 5,000 elementary level students of the public school in Taytay, Rizal (located east of Metro Manila). She said that this is the first time she has heard about PNBC and was glad to know that Norwegian companies operating in the Philippines care about and are keen in helping shape the education of the Filipino children.

PNBC Board Director Ozone Azanza brought the computer units to the school last 03 January, 2014 and explained to the School Principal that PNBC’s CSR Working Group is focusing on education as the key result area of its CSR activities. The computers were sent over to PNBC by TSM Phils. General Manager Ian Garcia in support of the Used Computers Drive Program espoused by the CSR Working Group early in 2013. Around the summer of 2013, the first batch of donated computers from TSM went to the Libis Elementary School in Quezon City.

Principal Madonna promised that they will take good care of the donated items. She said that one computer unit will be allocated to the Grade 1 level as a tool for introduction on computer hardware and basic functions, and the other unit will be for the Grade 2 level for demonstration of Microsoft Office software and the internet.