CSR CORNER: Habitat’s Rebuild Phils. gets big boost from Norwegian firms

Late in 2013, PNBC has partnered with Habitat for Humanity, Phils. and called on its member companies to support Habitat’s Re-build Philippines, a program to help those affected by Supertyphoon Yolanda rebuild their homes and lives through procurement of Clean-Up Kits and Shelter Repair Kits. On top of PNBC’s initial donation of 170,000, the target set was an aggregate donation of Php1.7 Million, enough to procure 100 packages of both kits.

Quickly responding to this call, Jo Tankers Phils., Inc. made a significant donation of USD10,000 (~Php430,000). OSM Maritime Services and Del Rosario & Del Rosario Law Offices likewise decided to extend support by donating Php100,000 and Php120,000, respectively.

Ms. Rosalinda Cruz of BW Shipping also made a personal contribution to further augment the funds of Habitat Phils. for helping the Yolanda victims rebuild their houses.
“Your donation is a big help for us to build more shelter to our fellow countrymen”, said Tosca Angela Buenviaje, Officer of Habitat for Humanity, Phils. The organization currently aims to support 80,000 families with emergency shelter repair and clean up kits.

Those who also wish to help, please download the Habitat Donation Form here.