This is Streetlight


Since January 2006 Streetlight has been working with children living on the streets of Tacloban in the Philippines. Through our programs and with our time, affection and love, we try to help them build a better future. A future without drugs, prostitution or starvation.

Today Streetlight runs a shelter care center for 28 children. Our goal is to give these children a loving and caring childhood, with good health, education and a regained faith in a family life, once again. Additionally 70 children are enrolled in the study and development center. A staff of 28 experienced adults makes sure the children are safe and happy. In addition, over 40 volunteers travel to the Philippines each year, simply to make a difference to these amazing, but so unfortunate children.

Medical issues are a big concern when it comes to these children. Our in-house nurse, and our very own miniature clinic, allows us to monitor and offer basic treatments and services for children, both in and outside the Streetlight programs. In our medical team we also have respected doctors who volunteers to help.

Streetlight also welcomes you to participate in our work in changing people’s future, creating hope where there is none. All you need is a burning heart.

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