Company Feature: Jotun


Jotun is a Norwegian multi-national privately owned company incorporated in 1926, and is one of the world’s leading paint manufacturers. Today, Jotun had established operations in over 80 countries worldwide.

Active in every aspect of coating technology, Jotun is widely known for its Marine and Protective coating, Decorative Paints and Powder Coatings.

Jotun’s objective is to offer customers the best possible solution to their requirements with responsive and efficient technical advice, consistent product quality and back-up service throughout the world.

The level of service delivered by our dedicated and competent employees shall be second to none.

Jotun builds long-term relationships with customers, suppliers and employees. It is our ambition to constantly meet the expectations of these groups.

Our Vision:
Profitability and Growth by Exceeding Customers’ Expectation

Our Mission:
Customers’ Preferred Choice


Jotun started business operation in Manila, Philippines through an agent, WMH Rennolds, in 1987. Two years later, Jotun extended its sales office in Cebu, Mandaue as the business expanded into the Visayas region. In the period from 1990 up to 2004 the business development in the Philippines was relatively slow due to lacking focus.

2004 Jotun (Singapore) Pte Ltd saw the escalating needs to service our business partners directly and personally under the Jotun group, we thus set up Philippines Branch Office under the umbrella of Jotun (Singapore). The branch was finally registered on the 17th Dec 2004 and officially operated on the 19th January 2005. Over 4 years of operation, the branch has grown to a 2008 result of more than 650,000 liters. As Jotun saw the responsibility to reciprocate the market with the next service level, we invested.

We began to turn an 85m2 office and 450m2 third party warehouse into our very own premises. The space currently housed a 1,364m2 warehousing storage capacities of min. 700,000 litres of finished goods and a sizable office area of 1,072m2 in two storeys. The move had created much more confidence in our business partners where they could leave the fear of unmet deliveries behind them.

In addition we trained coating advisors to be FROSIO certified and NACE certified. These had elevated our level and edge of competitiveness as the market grows to be more challenging and demanding.

These moves had greatly command respect and trust by our business partners and recognizing Jotun as their preferred choice.


In today’s busy marine traffic plying in international waters, the ships are constantly submerged in water and exposed to unpredictable weather conditions. Jotun Marine Coatings worldwide network is organized in the best possible way to satisfy the stringent demands from the shipping industry. Jotun Marine Coating vision is to strengthen our position as the leading supplier of high performance solutions for corrosion and fouling protection. Our self-smoothening and self-polishing antifouling have proven to be the best antifouling solution in today’s market to support the lifespan of ships for docking interval of 5 years.

In line with IMO Resolution on global prohibition on the application of organotin compounds which acts as biocides in antifouling paints on ship by 2003, Jotun has successfully launched new and advanced tinfree hydrolysis antifouling. These products have satisfied our R&D team in providing a performance comparable with the best TBT based antifouling and has a currently remarkable record for over 7,000 dockings.

Jotun (Philippines) Inc. marine technical service team of component and experienced coating advisors, provide advice on the use of paint systems based on a detailed knowledge of products suited to the object to be painted, which pretreatment should be used and which application equipment is relevant. All of the technical coating advisors are certified under Team no.1 with Frosio certified and NACE certified too.


Jotun’s experience and close collaborations with the industries and its customers on research and development enables to us provide the offshore, chemical, oil and gas, petrochemical, container and general industries in some of the world’s most arduous environment with an extensive range of coatings and techniques.

Our worldwide organization has given us the opportunity to co-operate and supply some of the largest oil companies, contractors, and consultants where there is a demand for exceptional quality and service. Jotun Protective Coatings is today a preferred supplier among these customers.

With factories in different parts of the world, an extensive R & D program is necessary and in place, adapting our range of products to suit the local climatic and environmental conditions around the world.

Jotun (Philippines) Inc. protective technical service team of competent and experienced coating advisors, provide advice on the use of paint systems based on a detailed knowledge of products suited to the object to be painted, which pretreatment should be used and which application equipment is relevant.

T.C. LIM George
Managing Director