Dear PNBC Members,

The Annual General Membership Meeting is nearing and we would like to remind you of the details:
Date: Friday, 22 September 2017
Time: 11:30 – 12:00 AGM | 12:00 – 14:00 Lunch
Venue: I’m Angus Steakhouse, 7431 Yakal Street, San Antonio Village, Makati City

Charge per Person: Php 1500,-

Our guest speaker for the Annual General Meeting and Networking Luncheon is Chief Economist and Undersecretary Karl Kendrick T. Chua of the Department of Finance. He will share with us the proposed tax reform and other plans of DOF.

Kindly indicate the names of the persons attending in your reply by Tuesday, 19 September 2017. If you are unable to attend, kindly send a representative or fill in attached Proxy Form in order to reach a quorum to conduct business during the AGM.

– Presentation and Approval of the Annual Report 2016
– Presentation and Approval of the Accounts
– Presentation and Approval of the Budget 2017
– Election of Auditor for 2017
– Election of New Board Members

Election of Board Members
The following board members will run for re-election: Ivar Thomasli, Jan Andre’ Heggem, Rodolfo Azanza, Carl Martin Faannessen, Helge Oliversen, Tor Stokke, Charles Jay Dela Cruz.
The following board member will not run for re-election: Merete Lie Holen and Jannicke Steen.
In our By-Laws, we have a Board of Trustees of 9 members.

Please note that the Board will decide on the various positions to be distributed among themselves after the AGM.
The election committee will be headed by Counselor Kristian Netland.
Kindly send your nomination for board member/s to / before 19 September 2017. We urge you to nominate board members, either yourself if you are interested or anyone else in the business council whom you think can contribute to the further development of PNBC.

MoM last AGM
Proxy Form
Annual Report 2016

Look forward to seeing you soon. Thank you!