We thank our outgoing President Stein Eriksen for his great contribution and leadership!


In November 2010, when the first meeting was held among the prospective members of the Philippines Norway Business Council (PNBC), there was no way of telling if it would come to fruition.

There was even no certainty if it would take shape. There was a need for someone to step up and take the initiative. And that man was Stein Eriksen.

Stein arrived in the Philippines in January 2009 as Regional Manager at Wilhelmsen Ship Management, Asia & General Manager WSM, Malaysia. He was then offered to take the post as the new Director of the Norwegian Training Centre in Manila,(NTC-M). Educated both as Naval Architect and Marine Engineer and Master Mariner, he has served his entire professional career within the shipping industry and in several positions covering various aspects of ship operation. He is truly a man of the sea.

His strong leadership skills coupled by his jovial character was key in his success as Chief Helmsman of the PNBC. As Chairman and President, he nurtured the new Council by allowing the other members of the Board and other colleagues, the opportunity to take part in giving the PNBC its current shape. Stein’s ability to inspire people with his vision kept the fire burning in the hearts of those who share the collective interest in seeing that the PNBC is able to propel itself forward. In just a few months, the Council became duly recognized by the Securities and Exchange Comimssion as an official entity.

At a time when the events had to be organized, and the PNBC needed some external exposures, Stein showed leadership and gathered a strong number of members. The PNBC logo was fast becoming a recognizable brand. The PNBC website is now fully established and is being visited by a multitude on a daily basis. The PNBC networking luncheons are consistently well-attended and are a string of smashing successes.

Many moons ago, there was no telling if the PNBC will come to life. But Stein Eriksen took the helm as the Council’s first Chairman of the Board and President, and made it happen.

Stein, it has been a true pleasure to work with you in establishing the PNBC. Rare is the energy you put into your work, and it has been an inspiration to us all.

Best wishes for the future, and thank you for all your contribution to the Business Council.
Board of Directors
Philippines Norway Business Council