Young Life Foundation in Cebu


On 8 April 2011, representatives from Philippines Norway Business Council visited Young Life Foundation in Cebu.

Young Life Foundation was established in Cebu City in 2007, by a group of people determined to work ethical humanitarian projects with a focus on underprivileged children. The foundation was set up as a non-profit, non-commercial, non-governmental organization in the Philippines, with representatives in Norway and Sweden. The Norwegian artists Steinar Albrigtsen and Monica Nordli are both goodwill ambassadors of Young Life Foundation.

Young Life Foundation aims at bringing back hope by motivating children to dream of a better life for themselves and their families. Its mission is to assist children less fortunate with quality healthcare and education, regardless of race and religion. The foundation has several projects, such as:

The Young Life Village
This is the foundation’s priority project. The village is currently being built, and will provide a nurturing and loving home away from the slums that breed crime and despair.

Young Life Foundation currently gives scholarship grants to deserving students, as well as financial assistance to schools in impoverished areas.

Special Medical Operations
Young Life Foundation helps children with special medical needs and raise funds for their medical operations.

Project Smile
The psychological scar caused by the facial deformity resulting from a harelip can easily be remedied through an inexpensive surgery. Young Life Foundation assists with funds for such operations every year.

Medical Donations
Many hospitals in the Philippines are short of medicines, are ill-equipped and poorly funded. Young Life Foundation raises funds to assist hospitals with the much needed equipment and supplies.

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