Updates from the President

Dear members,

Another surge, another ECQ. This is not what we had in mind when we spoke of the “new normal”. But there is good news for those who care to look. The vaccinations are progressing, the people of the Philippines are handling the difficult situation with their usual good grace, and the wheels of commerce are still turning for the vast majority of our members.

Also in PNBC the wheels are turning. Here are three items of interest to our members:

First, this week saw the confirmation of enrollment of our two young scholars. Our partnership with the Tapulanga Foundation is working well, and we look forward to following these two promising children as they work their way through school. PNBC’s commitment to CSR remains as strong as ever. For those who wish to hear more details of this program, we encourage you to contact Ozone who is (as always) the mastermind when it comes to useful engagement that strengthens bilateral ties and creates strong links with local communities and organizations.

Second, we have recently agreed to cooperate with NordCham on a case-by-case basis, as there are several events where our organisations can usefully supplement each other. A few highlights will be the Nordic Ambassadors’ event and the annual Crayfish party. NordCham has also expressed a keen interest in our CSR-work, and we are continuing discussions with them on this and other areas. Further updates will follow.

Third and last, we are putting in place a series of virtual membership-meetings for the rest of the year and into 2022. The format of the meetings will be:

  • A brief update on the situation in the Philippines from the Norwegian Embassy. The work of deepening and strengthening the bilateral relationship is never finished, and the areas of peace, culture, commerce and the environment can all too easily be crowded out by Covid-19. Plus updates on Covid-19 of course.
  • Possible guest-speakers.
  • A presentation from 2 members, covering who they are, what they do in the Philippines and how they are helping the country and the bilateral relationship move from strength to strength. Jan Andre and Vanessa are making the detailed plans for this, and will be in touch with many of you shortly in order to finalise these.
  • Updates from the Board. This will include updates on new members, status on our work with CSR, with NordCham, etc.

Yes, we have new members! We have added members over the past 18 months, unlike most of the other Chambers and Councils we talk with. This goes to show the interest in doing business in the Philippines by Norwegian companies and companies affiliated with Norway and Norwegian businesses. Those ties are certainly strengthening.

On behalf of the Board, I can safely say that we can’t wait to see all of you in person again. Let us all lean in and make sure that vaccinations are taken, that possible exposures are taken seriously, that people are tested. Covid doesn’t care what we feel or say – it is only affected by what we do. Let’s remain responsible citizens and encourage those around us to be the same.


Carl M.