Privacy Commissioner Speaks at PNBC Event


PNBC members had the pleasure of having the Philippines’ Privacy Commissioner Raymund Liboro, Chairman of the National Privacy Commission (NPC) as guest speaker in the Council’s first networking luncheon for 2018.

The packed event was held last 24 January 2018 at I’m Angus Steakhouse in Yakal St., Makati City. PNBC President Ivar Thomasli gave the welcome remarks, and our esteemed guest speaker was introduced by PNBC Board Director Atty. Charles Dela Cruz.

Commissioner Liboro’s presentation was on the topic of “Full Compliance to the Data Privacy Act”, which was geared towards understanding more what the Data Privacy Law (Republic Act 10173) requires from companies within the sectors where PNBC members operate. He explained the three (3) paramount data privacy principles of Transparency, Legitimate Purpose, and Proportionality.

Current statistics show that 47% of the root cause of data breaches are from malicious or criminal attack. However, 29% actually comes from system glitches and 24% are from human error. The Commissioner elucidated that Section 11-21 of the Law provide for the rights of data subjects, and the obligations of personal information controllers and processors in companies, organizations and institutions. He also touched upon the provisions specific for government offices, and likewise, the penalty provisions.

The requirement to implement reasonable and appropriate organizational, physical and technical measures intended for the protection of personal information was highlighted. Among others, the Commission requires the registration of personal data processing systems of at least 1,000 individuals, notification of automated processing systems that would significantly affect the data subjects, and annual reporting of security incidents.

In order to be prepared, it is best for companies to develop a culture of privacy, have a risk-based sensible data privacy program, have adequate training for those involved.