PNBC’s Christmas Luncheon

December 13, 2023 (Wednesday)
1230 hrs
I’m Angus, Yakal Street, Makati City

Dear members,

Coming hot off the success of “Creating MORE Currents”, we thank all of you who participated and helped make this the most engaging and talked-about event during CrewConnect 2023. To those who missed it: Make sure you join the follow-up during 2nd quarter of 2024. But it is now time for our annual Xmas luncheon. Most of you will know that this is where we highlight our CSR-activities. We continue to support two scholars with the Tapulanga-foundation, and we will hear from them and their progress through school. And they will share what our support means for them and their families. The event will, of course, also include updates from the Board and the Embassy, plus our much-loved traditional lunch menu. Please confirm your attendance as soon as possible and we will push to accommodate as many as we can squeeze in.

Carl M.

Vanessa Torres
M: 0977 8024287