PNBC Networking Luncheon with Focus on Right Governance to Obtain Economic Growth

On 15 March 2012, another PNBC Networking Luncheon was organized at I’m Angus Steakhouse in Metro Manila. More than 40 members and guests attended the event.

Prof. Victor Andres C. Manhit, Managing Director of Philippine Stratbase Consultancy Inc. and President of Stratbase Research Institute, was invited as guest speaker and held a presentation entitled “Sustained and Inclusive Economic Growth through Right Governance”.

Prof. Manhit’s extensive presentation on the Philippines’ standing in terms of economic and business stability, concluded with a “Right Governance Monitoring Framework”, consisting of five elements, namely:
– Strategic Leadership
– Transparency and Accountability
– Control of Corruption
– Rule of Law
– Preference for the Poor/Effective, Responsive, Provision of Basic Services

Prior to lunch, the event begun with an update from PNBC regarding the upcoming Annual General Meeting, to be held on 19 April, as well as the planned activities and events for 17th of May.

More information will follow on these events, as well as upcoming Networking Luncheons.