PNBC Member Bridge Builder Foundation has been Accredited by the Norwegian Control Committee for Fundraising

Showing its donors that the funds reaches the people it is meant to help has always been important to the organization. “By being accredited by the control committee, Bridge Builder Foundation is demonstrating to the society that it can be trusted to do everything it possibly can to ensure donations are not lost in administration or reckless projects”, says Roger Bastesen, founder of the Bridge Builder Foundation.

The Norwegian Control Committee for Fundraising welcomes the foundation and is happy that more and more organizations see the benefits of seeking accreditation.

The Bridge Builder Foundation has been supporting the poor in the Philippines since 2009. In 2011, they opened their own center for street children in Manila.

The foundation focuses on protecting the children’s interests, whether they live on the streets, in poor neighborhoods or in areas hit by natural disasters. It strongly believes in cooperating with others who put the children first, like parents and close family, schools, universities, NGOs and the government. This is the reason why the foundation engages in sustainable, rights-based projects with local partners around the country. “After all, local challenges need local solutions”, Bastesen says.