PNBC Luncheon August 2023

In the last members’ luncheon, participants learnt more about the ongoing implementation of the e-OR.

Yes, with the help of our guest speakers we were able to make accounting exciting! Only in PNBC…

Guest speaker Leandro Robediso from KPMG explained the regulatory framework, how best to prepare for the upcoming broader implementation, and which companies that are exempted for e-OR for the time being.

Guest speaker Edgardo Herbosa from PhilPacs explained how their authorized solution enables automatic payment of the government take and how it integrates with BIR-systems for automated reporting and reconciliation.

If you were there, you know that this was exciting. If you were not there, we hope to see you next time when we will discuss harassment at sea. This will take place September 27th, noon to 2pm, at I’m Angus.