PNBC BOD elect its officers

ll PNBC Officers from previous years agreed to continue on the Board, and we were fortunate to receive no objections from members in our last AGM meeting 27th May 2021.

PNBC conducted our Annual BOD Meeting 3rd June 2021, where all Officer’s agreed to continue in their present role.

  • Carl Martin Faannessen, President
  • Jan Andre’ Heggem, Vice President, Internal Affairs
  • Rodolfo T. Azanza Jr., Vice President, External Affairs and Head, CSR Working Group
  • Tore Henriksen, Treasurer
  • Charles Jay Dela Cruz, Corporate Secretary
  • Per Selmer-Olsen, Public Relations Officer
  • Erlend Grimstad, Head, Maritime Working Group
  • Torbjorn Elliot Kirkeby-Garstad, Director

The official Observers from the Royal Norwegian Embassy are Ambassador Bjorn Jahnsen, First Secretary Larissa Kosanovic and Second Secretary Stian Hegland.

Congratulations to all elected officers of PNBC!