NTC Mental Health Video

It’s the time of year that puts extra pressure on us. 2021 is again different, with Covid-19 still affecting our lives and livelihoods. It is the second year of disruptions and an absence of what we know as normal. This can affect our mental health in different ways.

Our founding member, NTC, has prepared an informative video on the topic of mental wellbeing. While it refers to seafarers, make no mistake: This is applicable to all. Even before Covid, the holiday-season was a season where many faced issues of mental health and well-being. We support NTC’s initiative whole-heartedly. Please watch HERE.

As we continue to deal with the pandemic, we find strength and resilience together. You are all encouraged to share the video with your networks. It is our hope that someone, somewhere, will see this and realize that life remains miraculous.

Feel free to share this video with everyone: Family, friends, colleagues – no matter where they are.

We wish you all a lovely Christmas and New Year’s celebrations ahead.

Warm and cheerful wishes from the Board of Trustees, PNBC.