The first-fully-integrated simulators in the Philippines

In first half of 2016, the Norwegian Training Center-Manila will have its biggest simulator upgrade after 25 years. The USD 4,000,000.00 simulator upgrade marks a new time zone for NTC-M as we benchmark into the latest, most advanced and the first fully integrated simulation system in the Philippines.

A total of 30 Kongsberg simulators – latest high technology solutions and sophisticated equipment will be available in Manila come May 2016. With Kongsberg’s 40 years in simulation leadership and NTC-M’s 25 years of unmatched quality of maritime training, we are confident to deliver the best and most realistic training and learning experience.
• 1 Full Mission Forward and Aft Bridge with DP 2 (K-Sim Offshore)
• 1 Forward Bridge with optional DP 2 and Aft Bridge ( PSV )
• 3 Deep Sea Navigation Trainers (K-Sim Polaris) with GMDSS
• 1 K-POS DP Trainers DNV Class B (K-Sim DP Simulator)
• 6 K-POS Basic Trainers with DP Software (K-POS DP Simulator)
• 1 Offshore Crane Simulator and Slinger & Banksman Stations
• 1 Full Mission Engine Room Simulator
• 6 Desktop Engine Room Simulators
• 6 Desktop Liquid Cargo Handling Simulators

The advent of these simulators matches the depth of NTC-M’s passion for training solutions to build competence of our seafarers. The simulators in general has sophisticated Seaview 3D technology, extensive fleet of ship models, realistic behavior, realistic learning experience and advanced instructor system. The flexibility of the simulators will enable us to offer variety of training possibilities including team training for complex operations. Most importantly, these simulators are fully integrated to exercise the best practices, communication and interaction to prepare our participants in day to day operations and even emergency situations on-board.

With this very cutting-edge of technology, NTC-M can further offer precision in maritime training. We hope to be your consistent and reliable partner in simulator training in Asia.