Note of Sympathy, Concern and Solidarity

On July 22, 2011 Norway was hit by the worst terror attack since the 2nd. World War and our entire country came to a standstill and has remained in shock over this gruel attack since then.
At 15.30 hrs. a powerful car bomb exploded just outside our Governments office building complex in the heart of Oslo city where also our Prime Minister have his office. 7 persons, still in their offices this Friday afternoon, lost their lives, many more were seriously injured, both inside the buildings and in the vicinity of the office buildings which was completely destroyed by the bomb.
Just an hour later the summer camp of AUF, the Labor party’s youth organization, was attacked by an armed person wearing a Police uniform. He immediately started to shoot on the participating youngsters at Utoya, a tiny and isolated island 50 km from Oslo. The “massacre did not stop before 67 young people, most of them teenagers, were killed and the police managed to stop the attacker. Many more were deadly injured from the shooting.
Our thoughts, sympathies and condolences goes to all the families who through this tragic incident has lost a son or daughter, a loved one or a friend. Same goes to our Royal family, our Prime Minister, his ministers and the entire Norwegian people who without any warning has been facing the most difficult situation they can be put up against.
On behalf of PNBC and all its members we also want to express our deep thanks for all the sympathies and warm thoughts received from all our Filipino friends through phone calls, e-mails or through other channels, and which have given us the necessary support we need through these difficult days since the attack and in the time to follow.
Yours sincerely
Stein Eriksen
President PNBC