Over the years, NorconsuIt Management Services, Phils., Inc. has been a constant partner of Bridge Builder in carrying out it’s vision in advocating for a productive life of every Filipino child away from the streets. A Partnership Meeting organized by Bridge Builder was held last January 15, 2019 and was participated by major stakeholders of the foundation. Among them was Norconsult Phils., which gave support to the 2019 programs of the Bridge Builder Foundation with a Php30,000.00 donation.

A bonafide member of the Philippines Norway Business Council (PNBC), Norconsult is also currently providing free detailed engineering design services for a 2-storey school dormitory building project of Bridge Builder Foundation in Basey, Samar.

“We appreciate that Bridge Builder’s current program is focused on education. I also believe in the key role of education in breaking the vicious cycle of poverty”, said Rodolfo T. Azanza, Jr., President and Managing Director of Norconsult Philippines.

The current program allows the foundation to advance its mission of providing comprehensive, family-centered social, educational, and behavioral health services that encourage children, and their families to lead self-reliant, stable and productive lives.

Every child who arrives at the Foundation experiences a life filled with challenges. Whether emotional,behavioral, or developmental, those challenges create obstacles to the child’s development. They could suffer from severe emotional, cognitive,behavioral and/or developmental problems that make traditional learning almost impossible. Through special education and individualized attention from the psychological support staff, Bridge Builder is able to maximize each student’s potential and prepare them for a
successful future.

“The grant from Norconsult Phils. will enable Bridge Builder move its program forward. We sincerely hope that Norconsult will continue supporting us, as it had done through the years,” said Roslyn “Rose” Dig Verendia, the Head Social Worker of Bridge Builder.

Located in Baclaran, Bridge Builder Foundation to date accommodates approximately 30 families and 13 children under their Home Care Program, 35 kids under their Community-based Program and 10 children ages from 2 to 5 years old under their Child-minding Program. This number is still growing as the foundation slowly expands its operations to reach more children.