The new Board and Officers look forward to 2018 as a new era for PNBC. The new directors who were elected of late definitely bring a whiff of fresh air!  We recently hammered out the plans and programs for next year, which the Board had also approved.

As banner activity, the very successful networking luncheons will still be a staple for 2018. The timelines, themes and speakers will be laid down ahead in order to ensure efficient preparations.

For the benefit of our members, PNBC has set its eyes on the Data Privacy Act, and is planning to have this as featured topic for the first networking luncheon for 2018. A resource speaker from the National Privacy Commission, preferably the Chairman or any Commissioner, is in the works. Many more good speakers could be expected. We also plan to feature a “Member of the Day” in every networking luncheon to give a brief opportunity for members to present their organizational profile and the business engaged in. Other organizations with different  advocacies which may be helpful to members such as The Propeller Club may also be invited to make a brief presentation during luncheons.

For further brand-building, we are also looking at enhancing our presence in social media platforms, and will be opening its Facebook page, which shall be for members only. Access rules will be drafted and approved by the Board prior to its launch.   

Other activities such as social evening quarterly events with live music and artists from Norway and Philippines, where members can invite friends and spouses,  the Norway Constitution Day 2018,  and attendance to the Norway-Asia Business Summit 2018 to be held in Singapore are key items in the plan for next year. Some brainstorming for the Norway Maritime Conference 2019 had also transpired, and shall be continued as we draw closer to the planned date.

The Maritime and CSR committees will also continue with their focal activities. The Maritime Committee will look to cooperate with other ship owners associations/groups from other countries to have a united front in discussing common interests. For the PNBC Maritime Committee we are planning quarterly meetings.

Finally, we will put in extra effort to explore possible cooperation with local business chambers in the country. We will also have a continuing interaction with the Nordic Chamber for activities that may be jointly pursued.

We are very excited about 2018, and let us all look forward to take PNBC to new heights as we usher in a new year!

I will also use this opportunity to wish all the members a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.