Creating More Currents – 26th April 2024

Following last year’s format-breaking session, with insights, deep emotions, and key take-aways, we are back.

Last time, we discussed diversity, the future of seafaring and so much more. This time, we focus on issues that apply in any organization. Whether in industry, energy or shipping, this session is worth attending. Why?

Almost all of us are working with people from different cultures. Each culture comes with its own ways of communicating and behaving. Often, especially in business, it is easy and comforting to find something that allows us to put culture into a measurable system. We have all seen graphs contrasting one culture vs another. This is easy, comforting and misleading. Learn more on the 26th of April, noon to 5pm at Sofitel.

Join us as we again work together to deliver an insightful event. An event you will leave wiser.

26th of April, 1200-1700, Sofitel.

Registration fee:
Php1,000 (member)
Php2,000 (non-member)

or +63 977 8024287

PS. Last time we had to add seats last-minute. Better secure your seats early and book already now!