Company Feature

Aboitiz Jebsen Company, Inc. in Manila, Philippines was established in 1982 between two pioneers in the transport business – the hundred-year-old Aboitiz Group of the Philippines and the Jebsens Group of Norway. The joint venture showcases the merging of the best of the East and West; providing integrated maritime services.
The greatest driver of Aboitiz Jebsen’s continued success is human capital. The company’s multicultural team of top-flight technicians, engineers and managers is recognized for its EFFICIENCY, RELIABILITY and ENTERPRISE. Certified by the American Bureau of Shipping for being ISO 9001:2008 compliant, ABOJEB puts forward quality and professionalism on bringing ship management and crew management services to our customers. This is further confirmed by the consistent honor of receiving the Top Performer and Excellence Awards in the past years including Presidential Excellence Award.
Propelled by the unique synergy of its worldwide network and a solid commitment to excellence, Aboitiz Jebsen’s business activities have continuously expanded over the years. Today, Aboitiz Jebsen is a leading international maritime service provider.
Our Services
Technical Management 
Our team offers the highest level of ship management services, emphasizing safety, environmental protection and shipboard maintenance at competitive and cost-effective rates.
Ships are provided with full technical support and practical advice from our shore-based management team. They are also provided with the necessary shipboard management systems together with supporting manuals and follow-up routines in accordance with reporting procedures, all of which are part of the company’s Quality Assurance System.
Key services in the technical management package include full technical management; dry-docking service; supervision and consulting for conversions and repair; safety and QA inspections and evaluations; implementation and training of the computerized Preventive Maintenance System; spares, stores and lube oil management and purchasing services; accounting services; running cost budgeting and analysis; insurance and claims handling; record keeping and proper documentation.
Highly trained personnel are in constant communication with the fleet to ensure implementation of procedures in conformity with the company’s QA System and international standards. Dedicated superintendents are responsible for the technical and economical operation of the vessels, and are required to undertake regular visits and provide onboard evaluations. Our superintendents, naval architects and technical support staff are either chief engineers or chief electricians with long international experience. The management and staff of the Ship Management are experienced with most vessel types including chemical tankers, product tankers, crude oil tankers, bulk vessels, self-unloading vessels, offshore, gas carriers, passenger ship, and RoRo vessels.
We have managed various types of vessels like self-discharging dry bulk carriers ranging from coastal vessels, geared and gearless mini-bulkers to PANAMAX vessels, pitch carriers, passenger ship, and RO-RO vessels. Currently, we are managing container, bulk, general cargo and tanker vessels.
We live by our reputation, performance and by service which we provide our customers.
Crew Management
Jebsens Maritime, Inc. (JMI) is the crewing arm of Aboitiz Jebsen. It is extensively engaged in the supply of shipboard personnel from the Philippines, as well as China, India and Eastern Europe. It has an experienced pool of over 7,800 crew and has been contracted by leading ship owners and managers to provide them with crew management services for over 320 ships of various types such as accom. barge, cargo-passenger, ferry,  belt self-dicharge, cruiseships, yacht, log/bulk carrier, container/feeder, general cargo, livestock, woodchip carrier, multi-purpose, fishing and tugboats, water barge, pipe-laying, construction/special services/cutter, stone dumping, heavy lift, hopper dredger, research, FPSO, offshore, OBOs, VLCC, LPG/oil product and chemical tankers.  JMI also supplies multi-skilled and highly-trained land-based Filipino workers.
JMI services include recruitment and selection, crew documents and processing, training and upgrading, crewing support and family services, travel services, accounting and payroll services, and research projects.
In JMI, we believe our competitive advantage comes from our total crew and manpower services management package, supported by a strong and reliable infrastructure, which among other things, comprises a competent workforce; effective linkages with key training centers, professional associations, embassies and government agencies;  state-of-the-art computer system; quality assurance system; a centralized processing unit; web-based crewing system; in-house processing; the principals’ conference; and, quality assurance.
We take pride in our high crew retention rate of 89% that can be attributed to timely remittance of crew’s home allotment using the best foreign exchange rate; loan facility available for the crew at low interest rates; medical insurance to crew & family; crew website ( which serves as a linkage between the company, the crew and their families; crew and family welfare activities; personalized service by the Crewing Manager to ensure continuous employment and career pathing; in-house training center; and in-house travel agency.
Training Center
Harbor Training Center, Inc. started as the Aboitiz Jebsens Training Center in 1994 to ensure that seafarers are properly trained according to international standards prior to deployment. It initially started as an in-house training center for conducting the Crowd Management Training and Crisis Management Training courses for officers and crew. With the STCW Convention’s emphasis on passenger vessel training requirements, it later applied for a license to provide the same courses not only for its own pool but for the general seafaring public. It is accredited by the Maritime Training Council of the Philippines, The Maritime Industry Authority (MARINA) of the Philippines, The maritime authorities of the Republic of Liberia, and the Marshall Islands. The training certificates issued for the courses being conducted are officially recognized internationally. HTCI website is
Aboitiz Jebsen Manila office is located at 2F Harbor Center II Building, Railroad St., South Harbor, Port Area, Manila 1018 Philippines with telephone Nos. +63 2 5279980 to 89, Fax Nos. +63 2 527 9990 and email address: