Celebration of Norway’s Constitution Day

Dear PNBC-members,

After two years of no physical celebrations, we are carefully resuming our marking of Norway’s National Day. 13th of May will see us rejoice again in this long tradition.

While the attached flyer has all the details you need, there are a few things we have changed compared to before.

First, we are limiting the number of seats to 100. Not only do we want to retain a level of caution when it comes to Covid, we also want to create a more intimate setting.

Second, as the number of seats are limited we expect to reach full capacity quite quickly. Several of our Board-members have already signaled that they will book a number of seats. In other words, you will need to act quickly to secure your seat at the table.

Third, we are moving away from the large hotels and instead placing this in the trusted hands of the team in Yakal Street. They know us, we know them and the quality of their food and beverages. This allows us to lower the price substantially when compared to prior events.

We are grateful that we can resume our celebrations of Norway’s constitution, and we look forward to doing this with you again. Let us repeat it one more time: Seats are limited, so please do book your seats swiftly.

Safe and celebratory wishes,
Carl M.

PS. Please do not forget to mark your calendars for our AGM! This takes place on 25th of May, 2022, and will be done virtually as many of us will be together on the 13th of May already.