Bantay PH-organized Company Workshops

Remember that feisty young lady who spoke during our Integrity Seminar last month? She is Happy Feraren, co-founder of Bantay PH, a youth-based advocacy group that believes in the idea that good governance begins with good citizenship. They have been doing their share of work to make sure that local government units in Metro Manila are upholding the provisions of the Anti-Red Tape Act.
Bantay PH conducts workshops for companies to help officers and employees understand how we can all help in changing the way we work with government institutions in a more transparent and positive way; how we all can help keep government in check and as a result, get better services from these institutions.

We therefore wish to inform the members of PNBC that should your company take interest in inviting Bantay PH to do a workshop for your organization, you may contact Ms. Happy Feraren via email (

The Workshop is entitled “Start Up, Start Right”. There are two (2) main modules:

1. Good Governance – Understanding corruption and its impact on the way we do things in the private sector is important because it reveals what civil society can do to help solve this pressing problem.

2. Good Citizenship- Learning how government operates can help us keep government in check and get the service we deserve without having to pay a bribe.

Each module is 90 minutes long and it is suggested to be taken together. The workshops are designed to accommodate up to 75 participants.
Bantay PH just finished a workshop with Knutsen Philippines a few weeks ago and had a very productive session with around 35 participants.

To support their operational sustainability, a suggested donation to Bantay PH would be Php30,000 to cover the organization’s operational costs, volunteer allowance, knowledge share events, and research and development.

The prime movers in Bantay PH have expressed that it really heartwarming to get all this support from the PNBC community. Meanwhile, the CSR Working Group of PNBC will continue to interact with organizations like Bantay PH to allow us to gain more access to partners who could give us insights on how to deal with integrity issues.