Welcome from the President

The Philippine-Norway Business Council exists to promote business between our two countries, and to be a venue for open discussion on topics of interest to the business-community.

Since 2011 we have worked to foster partnerships and cooperation. With almost a decade of activities behind us, we are grateful to the companies who have joined us to support our work. We are equally proud of the consistent support we have provided to selected projects and organizations in the Philippines as part of our Corporate Social Responsibility initiative.

For almost a decade, we have also enjoyed the full-hearted support of the Royal Norwegian Embassy in the Philippines. Their observations, network and sheer skill in dealing with multiple institutions and projects simultaneously are very valuable to the PNBC, and we thank the Embassy and its people for their continued efforts to promote good relations between our two countries.

The business partnership between the Philippines and Norway has historically been built on the sea. A generation of Filipino seafarers has served with distinction on Norwegian-owned or -controlled ships. This continues to this day.

Over the last decade, other parts of the Norwegian business-community have seen the potential of this amazing country. SN Power invested early, and heavily, in renewable energy assets. If we look at the numbers, they are a bigger investor here than Norwegian maritime companies! We see increasing interest also from other companies in the energy-sector.

Behind these two sectors we are very happy to see a growing number of other companies. Jotun, one of the world’s premier developers and manufacturers of surface coatings (people like me call it “paint”), has set up production here. Software companies have found fertile soil. And speaking of fertile soil, Yara Fertilizers have long been present here. The latest development is an increasing volume of Norwegian seafood beginning to enter the market.

We serve our members and the wider Philippine-Norway business community. We are a good partner for Norwegian companies wanting to invest in the Philippines. We are also a good partner for Philippine companies wanting to invest in Norway. With our wide network and experience, we will be able to help business in both directions. Please feel free to contact us; we treat all business-requests on a confidential basis.

Last, let me use this space to thank our members. Without your continued support of us and our activities, we would not be where we are today. Please let us know what you think we can do to make your membership even more relevant and valuable. The Board is here to serve the members, not the other way around. We want to hear from you.

Carl M. Faannessen